Using the metadata search catalog

The Hi-Search metadata search catalog allows you to search for pages on this site based on the metadata of those pages.  

How to search:

  1. This particular catalog is configured to search for Title, Description, Subject, Creator, Contributor, Language, and Date although catalogs can be configured to search for any of the metadata in your site.  

  2. For each for these fields that you decide to use, select a condition for that field.  The Condition field allows you to refine the type of search you want to run. The conditions you can choose from are Contains, Equals, Starts With, Ends With, Cannot Contain, Cannot Equal, Cannot Start With, and Cannot End With.

  3. In the Words to search for field, enter words that are related to the condition you selected.

  4. Results per page allows you to define how many results to display per search result page.

  5. When you are ready to search, click on the Submit Query button

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